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10 Go-Pro Diving Experiences not to be Missed

These videos capture the best in underwater footage from all over the world. Using excellent Go-Pro technology, these 10 videos show exactly what you’ve been missing under the water. Stop and see this beautiful world from a brand new point of view. We guarantee that this will inspire you to get your scuba mask on and dive in.

1. Roberta Mancino, Mark Healey

Ever held a shark’s fin and let it pull you along the ocean floor? I’m guessing no, because who in their right mind would. Well, the divers in this video do just that and so much more.

2. Underwater Dogs

If you are in for a cuteness overload, get up close and personal with these playful underwater dogs – seals. These seals are more curious than shy and will melt your heart when you watch them swim up for a belly rub and a tickle. This is what an underwater petting zoo would look like.

3. Whale Fantasia

This video looks like something straight out of a fairy tale! The divers in this video will make you believe that mermaids are real. Majestic, blue tinted scenery in which they swim together with huge whales will push your imagination to it’s limits.

4. Petting A Tiger Shark

Observe the Tiger Shark, one of natures most vicious predators… getting a belly rub. As scary as they might look, tiger sharks filmed in this video show us that even meanest of us need some love every now and then. There is something strangely satisfying about watching this carnivore act like a puppy.

5. Scuba Diving in the Bahamas

This video takes you deep into the wreckage of a massive ship. The footage of the wreckage is unbelievable and your adrenalin will start pumping when you see the courageous diver hand feeding sharks. It’s a beautiful and an unusual footage that is definitely worth seeing.

6. Free Diving the Gilis

Without being weighed down by oxygen tanks, these free-divers were able to move the camera swiftly through incredible underwater scenes. This video is very lively and really shows of the palette of colours that the underwater world has to offer.

7. Cozumel 042

We have a long one here. The actual diving starts at 0:42 and after that comes 15 minutes of sheer beauty. This video did an excellent job portraying the diverse wildlife on the bottom of the sea. Beautiful animals and the amazing scenery will take your breath away. The highest point of this video are the closeups of the animals. It’s hard to get closer to the submarine life than this.

8. Whaleshark Dive in the Philippines

The crystal clear waters of the Philippines are unbelievable in this video. Just as incredible are the fish and the whales that are more than double the size of the divers. Enjoy watching how freely these locals swim around these giants and see the whale shark feed through it’s enormous mouth up close.

9. USAT Liberty

The massive wreckage that was once the U.S. cargo ship, USAT Liberty is the star of this video. The camera expertly takes you deep into its hull and captures footage of the incredible marine life that have made it their home. This is just another proof that the sea takes what it wants and makes it her own.

10. Underwater Museum, Isla Mujeres

The underwater museum of Isla Mujeres is really a one of a kind thing. These divers go down to film the amazing sculptures that gave this place the title of an “underwater museum”. Enjoy beautiful art made even more interesting by the hand of the sea. There is even a small, modern day surprise at the end of the video.

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