South China Sea near Sorong, Indonesia

Wai Eco Resort

Located in Wai Island, Raja Ampat, Indonesia, Wai Eco Resort is built in Papuan style cottages overlooking the sea. Wai Island itself is a coral atoll with 2 km perimeters surrounded by white sand beach and numerous exotic birds. This private island is located remotely with no TV, no internet, no telephone, and surrounded by only magical ocean and beach for the guests to enjoy nature at its best.


Restaurant is available to serve buffet style meals on long tables. The over-water restaurant offers an exquisite traditional Indonesian cuisine with stunning ocean view. The tasty dishes are made of local fresh ingredients and beers are available to buy.

Dive centre in Wai Eco Resort provides all necessary equipments and diving materials, including 12 litre aluminium tanks with interchangeable DIN-INT valve. Many dive sites around the resort to explore, including Wai Wall, Nikson Reef, Marti Garden, Miano Reef, Pulau Kri, Airplane Wreck, and Damplier Straits with over 6 dive spots. Strategic location of Wai Eco Resort make it possible for the guests to dive in a great number of dive sites all year around.

Some excursions can also be arranged upon request for minimum 2 pax, such as to waterfall and mangroves in Batanta Island, to Kampung Arefi, to Fam Island, to Passage, Mushroom Islands, and Hidden Bay, to Manta Point Mansuar, or to Kri Island (ex Pulau Dua).

Conservation Efforts

Wai Eco Resort has some ongoing projects helping two villages of Kampung Arefi and Kampung Baru in Raja Ampat archipelago. These projects are operated by “Help Raja Ampat Family” non-profit association that improves the poor families in remote area of Papua. Donation will be used to buy basic necessities for these local people, including food, antibacterial soap, mosquito net to save the children from Malaria, anti malaria therapy, and school supplies for the children.


This resort brings divers to Waigeo Island Area

Room Types

Wai Eco Resort has six 75 sq meters beach cottages with garden overlooking the sea. This eco-friendly resort has no phone and TV inside the room for the real setting in paradise island. Rooms


From $2,162 per diver twin share for 8 days 7 nights.

From $1,365 per non-diver twin share for 8 days 7 nights.

Area: Not Available

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