Arafura Sea near Kaimana, Indonesia

Triton Bay Divers Beach and Dive Resort

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Triton Bay Divers is a true escapist’s paradise, only accessible by boat with no other dive resorts for miles. It is also an intimate spot and consists of only six small bungalows, perched on a little white-sand beach. The views from the restaurant and bungalows are quite breath-taking when you first arrive, turquoise water and lush green islands all around. It is the view underwater that really draws people here though. The bay is home to beautiful reefs, vibrant macro life and the big players such as mantas and whalesharks too.


All the bungalows at Triton Bay Divers enjoy a beautiful sea view from their balconies. The resort is a barefoot or flipflops kind of place and guests have just to step down from their front door and onto the sandy beach. Just a short walk along this beach, sits the dive centre and their small dive boat. There is no need for a big boat here, in fact you might not see any other divers in this remote spot at all. The dive centre has ample space for safe storage of your equipment and cameras and the staff are always happy to clean and take care of your gear so you can stay in holiday mode.

Triton Bay is famous for its extraordinary biodiversity and of course thrilling drift dives with mantas and whalesharks. The aptly named Aquarium is caked with bright soft and hard corals at various depths and often described as being like ‘fish soup’ for divers. One of the big attractions in Triton Bay is the number of whalesharks which can be found around the fishing platforms. The whalesharks are often close to the surface to pick up some of the fishermen’s’ catch so it is possible to snorkel with them as well as dive.

Diving makes divers hungry and thirsty though so at the heart of Triton Bay Divers resort sits the restaurant and lounge area. Guests will have their three meals a day and snacks to keep them going through the afternoon and night dives. This is the place to relax and enjoy free tea and coffee. In the evening, stretch out on one of the comfy loungers with a beer or soft drink and enjoy the sound of the jungle and sea as well as some impressive sunsets.

The meals are a mix of local Indonesian cuisine with fresh locally bought fish and seafood usually spiced up with a dash of spicy sambal; and western fare. The chef also picks a lot of the fresh vegetables and fruit from tropical gardens around the resort. Fresh figs and bananas are a firm favourite for breakfast as well as an unending supply of tea and coffee. The resort is happy to cater to dietary requirements, best to let them know in advance though as the nearest shop is a few hours away.


Triton Bay Divers live very close to nature and so are very conscious of their impact on the environment. This starts with the bungalows themselves which are made of wood that was cleared to make way for the resort. Not only was the resort made by local craftsmen but the produce used in the restaurant is locally bought. You might even spot the local fishermen stopping by to offer up their catch to the chefs.

The surrounding area including the dive sites are within the Kaimana Marine Protected Area which limits fishing and provides support and education to local communities. The resort takes a small fee to help support this protected area.


This resort brings divers to Triton Bay

Room Types

This resort offers two room types, the Original Bungalows and the New Bungalows. The New Bungalows is slightly smaller than the Original Bungalows. Each bungalow offers an amazing sea view and are traditionally Indonesian in style with some special home comforts like mosquito netting and ceiling fans. The rooms enjoy a pleasant sea breeze which provides natural air-conditioning.

Original Bungalow

From $2,322 per diver twin share for 8 days 7 nights.

From $1,733 per non-diver twin share for 8 days 7 nights.

Area: Not Available

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New Bungalow

From $2,182 per diver twin share for 8 days 7 nights.

From $1,593 per non-diver twin share for 8 days 7 nights.

Area: Not Available

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