Walparen Bay near Sorong, Indonesia


Raja4Divers Resort is located on Pef Island, in a remote Central of Raja Ampat, Indonesia. This unique resort offers an authentic Papuan experience on spectacular bays and white sand beaches, and allow its guests to experience a lot of of nature activities. Some interesting legend of the former King is also believed to protect the island of Pef; Guests can see the King’s imprint embossed permanently in the western shore-line on the limestone cliffs. This legend also describes why Pef Island is scattered and formed into many small islets and bays, called a mini Raja Ampat.


The open over water restaurant provides western breakfast with home made bread, freshly prepared lunch buffet and dinner on the long table. Snacks, cookies, fruits, coffee, tea and water are available throughout the day. It also has sunset lounge facing the west to enjoy sunset on Pef Island where you can step with barefoot to touch the sand just right under your toes. Besides places to eat and enjoy the sunset, there is also some living space in the resort with a few games and books, sometimes with music to dance. Some activities are also available for the guests, including strolling on the jungle trail leading to beautiful private beach with aquamarine swimming lagoon, climbing the rocky outcrop ‘house’ mountain to see spectacular 360° views of Pef Island, walking down the jetty to a pristine mangrove bay, kayaking, or exploring around the jetty, centre square, mangrove pier, walkway, lagoon, silent bay, rainforest, and air-conditioned camera atelier with a 27" iMac.

Conservation Efforts

Raja4Divers is passionate about conservation and has a number of effective initiatives with the aim of keeping the area clean, benefiting local communities by providing employment and skills training with fair compensation, as well as buying produce and resources from the local villages. Health insurance are given to staff and their families. In this remote area, moving around can be difficult, so staff here are also given transportation to Sorong when needed.

This resort has a strict policy of not buying any endangered animals including endangered reef fish and lobsters.

Other efforts done on a regular basis include regularly collecting garbage around the area with the help of local villagers, and sending it to Sorong for disposal, thus keeping Pef Island in pristine condition; aluminium cans collected will be sent for recycling; and used batteries shipped overseas for proper disposal.


This resort brings divers to Waigeo Island Area

Room Types

Raja4Divers offers spacious authentic Papuan style water bungalow on stilts. There are ten 128 sq meters bungalows, consisting of bedroom 48 sq meter, deck 38 sq meter, open air bathroom 42 sq meter.


From $3,064 per diver twin share for 8 days 7 nights.

From $2,239 per non-diver twin share for 8 days 7 nights.

Area: Not Available

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